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To build brand in one hundred weifang tractor factory in luzhong

The author:admin Time:2016-12-30
   The annual China international agricultural machinery exhibition on October 26, the grand opening in wuhan, the farm machinery exhibition lasted three days, shandong weifang in shandong tractor co., LTD., the exhibition for the exhibition of added new color, many negotiation clients to come to consult.
   On the farm machinery exhibition, a total of 11 series products on display, lu (booth located at B3 district 310, 315), one of lu - - 1804 horsepower tractors made its debut in 1604, shandong

Chairman XuHongWei said: in the new lu 160 horsepower series of products with domestic famous countries SanLiu cylinder engine, emission upgrade, low fuel consumption, large torque backup, low power strong, working efficiency is high, can satisfy the need of the function of the ranch, high-power operation.

Lu - 2004 series of products have been included in the lu in the research and development, is expected to hit the market in 2017. At this point, lu in the product line covers the small, medium and high power type and orchard farm tractors, its wide coverage area and the professional leading in the domestic tractor manufacturing field.


Lu in the sales department positive interpretation of the product for the customer information, performance, purchasing department understand the industry dynamic and supporting resources, get the latest information. New and old customers agree that the exhibition series product appearance in the lu on the more novel, more comfortable operation, configuration is more complete, more reliable performance and is worth to buy.

Through this exhibition, shandong weifang in tractor co., LTD. Not only shows the general dealers and customers the company flagship product, communicate with the new and old customers at the same time, set up a whole new Bridges, let the enterprise brand again.

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