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    Adress:2789 Caihong Rd., Weicheng Dist., Weifang, Shandong, China (Mainland)

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  • Large tractor division

    Service telephone:0536-8573602

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    Service telephone:0536-8310286

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  • Agricultural machinery equipment division

    Service telephone:0536-8310286


Shandong Weifang Luzhong Tractor Co., Ltd is a tractor manufacturer that integrates research and development, manufacturing and sales.The company’s main products include the Luzhong brand series 180-280 single-cylinder four-wheel tractors, the b300/350, 400/550, 600, 700/800 and 900 series medium horse-power tractors, and the high-power wheeled tractors of the 1000, 1104, 1204, 1304, 1404, 1504, 160, 1804 and 2004 series.