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The tractor industry development trend in 2016: into the era of green environmental protection autom

The author:seo Time:2016-12-30


Abstract:   in the first half of 2016, domestic agricultural machinery industry presents good development trend, domestic tractor in transformation and upgrading window mount.
In the first half of 2016, domestic agricultural machinery industry presents good development trend, domestic tractor in transformation and upgrading window mount. According to China's agricultural machinery industry association latest statistics, by the end of may, backbone enterprise of the tractor production fell 11.59%, a larger and more than 130 horsepower tractor production growth. The three emission standard upgrade, 200 horsepower shift tractor batch on the market, 400 horsepower tractor of infinitely variable speed is developed and a series of major technical research and development and application, to promote domestic tractor taken significant steps towards large-scale high-end intelligent, also marks the domestic farm tractors into the era of green environmental protection "automatic".
Three big technical help upgrade

2016 farm machinery industry's top priority is undoubtedly the popularization and application of the three agricultural machinery products. Recently, in anhui fuyang three applications of promoting agricultural machinery products ", "2016 countries, China yituo display of the ten countries three big horsepower tractors are prominent. "Discharge standard of agricultural machinery to upgrade is the world trend, also is the necessary way of upgrading agricultural machinery industry in China. The three standard is not the ultimate goal of agricultural machinery development, the future will also implement the four even higher standards." China yituo ke-jun wang, deputy general manager said in an interview.



Power shift transmission technology are called "automatic" in the tractor, is a technology revolution. China agricultural machinery industry association, vice secretary of changning learn your introduction, the power shift transmission technology greatly improves the work quality and efficiency, reduce the operation difficulty and labor intensity, reduce the fuel consumption. The power shift transmission tractor mass production has been implemented in our country, compared with the conventional model, the efficiency increased by 40%, the average energy saving of 30%.



According to a 2016-2016, the state run China tractor tools industry and investment strategy research report, to be held in Beijing recently country an exhibition on "twelfth five-year" science and technology innovation, China's 400 horsepower heavy wheeled tractor appearance of infinitely variable speed, represents the highest technical level of domestic tractors, especially suitable for large farms of the plow, harrow, heavy load such as double entry homework assignments, but realize industrialization production need 3 to 5 years.



Ke-jun wang believes that power shift transmission and continuously variable represents a tractor technology development direction, power shift of the tractor is the current global tractor flagship product, the future stepless tractor will gradually replace the power shift tractor to become the leading products. Power shift transmission tractor batch production and stepless tractor is developed, broke the foreign technology monopoly, to accelerate the pace of China's agricultural machinery industry transformation and upgrading, will drive a batch of domestic agricultural machinery enterprises to actively develop new products.



The tractor industry development trend in 2016: into the era of green environmental protection automatic



Cultivating high-end agricultural machinery market


Low-end products, high-end excess supply is the current outstanding problems facing the tractor industry in our country. Ke-jun wang believes that the future is the development trend of domestic tractor: powered by mechanical shift to develop in the direction of power shift, infinitely variable speed, emissions to countries three, four or more standard upgrade, control to intelligent direction. However, the formation of high-end tractor market will take time, subject to the development of rural reform, agricultural intensification gradually open the market.



The effect factors such as insufficient market demand, the agricultural policy adjustment, slowing domestic tractor industry in recent years, but great horsepower tractor market well. In the first half of this year, from 130 to 140 horsepower tractor production rose by more than 57%, more than 150 horsepower tractor production also increase considerably. With the development of modern agriculture, land, deep, deep loosening and straw counters-field rising operation such as demand, domestic high-end tractor will have larger development space. But the power shift transmission tractor 100000 yuan higher than ordinary same type tractor, affect farmers' willingness to buy. Farm machinery promotion department and the user wants to farm machinery purchase subsidy policy can tilt to domestic power shift of the tractor.



The reporter understands in the interview, farm machinery manufacturing enterprise is now widespread concern high-end horsepower tractor can be accepted by the user. Fuyang city in anhui innovative state macro agricultural machinery professional cooperatives President Liu Huaigong said, before I heard the three tractor high requirements for product quality, service is difficult, accessories to buy, the sale price is high, their great concern. Co-op this year bought three big horsepower tractors, several countries working efficiency is high, the work easier, maintenance more convenient also. Agricultural machinery fault mainly depend on experience, before the three tractor can be intelligent detection and remote diagnosis, accurately find the point of failure. Several countries, he says, this year also plans to buy three large horsepower tractor.



Make full use of global resources


Power shift and stepless tractors in developed countries is already very mature mainstream products, and its gap at least 10 years in our country. Domestic high-end research and development of tractor manufacturing technology progress, but the key core technologies and the backward parts haven't master the gearbox design, manufacturing technology and key parts, still need to rely on foreign countries.



Expert thinks, to shorten the gap, need to bravely go out domestic tractor manufacturing enterprises, through the internationalization operation integrating global resources of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry in developed countries in Europe and the United States such as set up r&d center, using mature technology integrated innovation and breakthrough the bottleneck of high-end research and development of intelligent tractor manufacturing technology barriers.



China is a typical of "going out" at the earliest. In 2011, China bought Italian ARGO group, a French factory, and has set up a research and development center. In September 2013, yituo production with completely independent intellectual property rights of power shift transmission of heavy tractor logoff, put an end to the monopoly of international giants. At present China yituo power shift transmission technology has been applied to between 80 and 400 horsepower tractor. After yi tuo, ray, heavy industry, vanda juki and other large agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises have to go out. Vanda juki 2014 power shift tractors, integrates the research and development of North America, Europe, resources; Ray ray of heavy industry this year a Persian o power shift of the tractor, the European electronic control systems of the latest design.



"In the use of foreign mature technology at the same time, also need to promote the domestic power shift tractor and stepless tractor upgrading of the manufacturing system. Under the national policy support, the farm machinery manufacturing enterprises to increase investment in scientific research, improve research and development manufacturing ability, constantly breakthroughs in key parts and common technology." NingXueGui said.